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The manuscript file and cover letter are required to be uploaded during submission. The cover letter is required only for accepted manuscripts.

SAquaRes also prevents wasting time by offering some conveniences for authors during article submission. These are:

Copyright Form is not required at the begining of paper submission. It can also being arranged if the paper accepted.  

Manuscript file  is not mandatory as this form "Manuscript Template" at the beginning of submission. It can also being arranged if the paper accepted.

Only Cover Letter is required at the beginning of paper submision as this form of it.

SAquaRes is focused on the importance of science during the manuscript submission process. Therefore, time-consuming and frustrating formatting and technical requirements are not applied to make simpler the processes of manuscript preparing and submitting to the journal and to provide a rapid publishing. 

Authors can submit the manuscript (including the main text, figures, and tables) in a single document file. This main document can be format-free at the beginning of  submission. There is no restriction on the formatting, however, all manuscripts must include the essential parts (Including information of authors, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, References, Conflict of Interest, Ethical Statements, Tables and Figures with Captions) of a scientific paper that necessary for making an effective assessment of the manuscript.

Authors can use any format or style for References at the beginning of submission. Please make sure all references are correct and complete to find the relevant cited papers. Thus, all references must include:

  • Author(s) name(s)
  • publication year
  • title of article
  • title of journal
  • volume & issue
  • pages
  • The authors are recommended to provide the DOI numbers of references